Dress your Trash Can -
Hide & Hold the Plastic in place!

• Hides unsightly trash can liners.
• Holds the bag in place.
• Recycle Plastic Grocery bags in your Trash Can.
• Compliment your rooms' decor.

Trash Toppers are both stylish and easy to use. The unique design allows the Topper to attach to the rim of small to medium size vanity trash cans with no adhesives or cumbersome fasteners. Trash Toppers hide the recycled plastic grocery bag while holding the bag in place- no more trash bags that fall into the bin!  

With our frequently updated selection of fashionable patterns and designs, you can be sure that there is a Trash Topper that meets your decorating needs. Trash Toppers are also a flexible design solution; when you change the decor of your room, simply pick a new Topper design to match!

Trash Toppers are a must-have for your stylish home.

Please visit our products page and browse our selection of solid colors and prints available. Trash Toppers' unique design allows a perfect fit regardless of the shape of your trash container. Refer to the sizing chart to select the right size for your trash can.

We are also happy to help you create the perfect Trash Topper for your home. If you have a particular color, print or size in mind, simply call or email us and we will make the Topper of your dreams!

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge